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MVST, Sell Put or Sell Call?

I own 400 shares of MVST, previously assigned to me at SP 10. Yesterday night as I tired to sell call for Dec, I realised I could actually sell put for higher net premium

If I sell call for my existing 400 shares. Meaning 4 contracts of MVST. I probably would collect $140 of premium. The sell put premium on the other hand is high a hefty amount.

So what I did was to sell my 400 shares. And Sold Put at SP 10

By selling the 400 shares at 8.855. I have a net loss of 10 - 8.855=1.145 per share. However the sell put premium I collected is 2.17.

Thus the over net premium gain adjusted back to 10 SP is

2.17 - 1.145 = 1.025 per share.

Comparing selling call for 0.35 per share.

Selling put at same SP 10 gave me 1.025 per share.

Doing this doesn't change the overall picture. If by Dec MVST is below 10, I'll still have 400 shares. If it is above 10, I'll have zero MVST shares.

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