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TTCF BPS before Earnings

Took an assumption that TTCF will have a decent Q3 earnings and price won't dip below 14.5 on Friday.

Set the above orders just in case TTCF retrace and they "crashed" after earnings while I was asleep. Just browsed through the earnings. Looks pretty decent on first glance. Interestingly, 2 of the 3 orders contain buy put at 13.5 and sell put at 13.5. They cancelled out each other. So I'm left with 14.5/12.5P and 14/12.5P. Both having 10 contracts respectively. So I need TTFC to maintain above 14.5 by Friday closing. Best is above 15.5, so I do not need to manually close the trades and incur extra commission. 😉

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