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Weekly Summary ending 10 December 2021

Monday - Began the week by selling CC on the stocks I got assigned. Collected around $223 from stocks like NNDM, CLOV, CCL, PLTR, SDC, SKLZ, TTCF, WISH.

For NNDM, CLOV, CCL, PLTR and SDC, all are Out of the money, OTM on expiry. I got to keep all my shares and will continue to sell CC next Monday.

For SKLZ, TTCF and WISH, they expire next Friday.

Wednesday - ROKU Spike on positive agreement with youtube. Started Bear Call Spread at SP275. Entered 2 pairs. Closed later in the day after ROKU spike further. Had to cut loss, even though I thought 275 won't be breeched on Friday. $99 Gone.

Eventually ROKU closed way below 275. It could have been a positive trade but have to stick to game plan." When it gets too close, better close."

Started Bull Put Spread at SP855 for TSLA. Pretty much the usual practice nowadays. "When ROKU rocks, Fall back on Tesla."

Thursday - Added 1 more pair of BPS for TSLA as price got even better than the day before.

Overall, a pretty decent week.

Covered Call brought in $223

TSLA BPS entries (entered last week) expired worthless and bagged in $282

ROKU closed early and lost $99

A pretty simple week for me. Have a great weekend.

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