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Weekly Summary ending 17 December 2021

Monday - Entered 3 Pairs of TSLA Bull Put Spread at 855/835P. That's basically carrying on last week entries at same Strike Prices. Total added up to 5 pairs.

Bought 10 Shares of ARNA. Itchy fingers play. Pfizer is going to buy out at 100 next year. Thus entering at 91.99 makes sense. But it will drag for a months.

Sold covered call for OCGN, PLTR NNDM, CCL and SDC for Jan 21. Sold monthly CC instead of weekly. I'm expecting a big bounce from the market after several months of downward move for small/mid caps stock. Seems like we are in a "bottoming" process for them. for the SP that I got assigned, I won't have much premium if I do it for weekly. But I won't want to shift my SP downwards for better premium due to that expectation.

Tuesday - Entered 1 more Pair of TSLA Bull Put Spread at 855/835P. Total 6 pairs for this week

Sold ARNA for a loss of $6. Decided not to wait and create more OBP for TSLA BPS. *please no more itchy fingers.

Wednesday - No action

Thursday - Entered 1 Pair of TSLA Bull Put Spread at 850/840P. This will expire next week.

Friday - Closed all 6 pairs of TSLA early instead of letting them expire. Total earnings for BPS this week is $356. Better than weekly target of $200.

By closing the 6 pairs early, I created enough OBP for next week TSLA plays. Entered 3 Pairs at 810/800SP and 1 Pair at 780/760SP. Next week will be a shorten week as market is close on Friday. Total in 5 pairs for Next Thursday.

Saturday - Got assigned for my Cash Secured Put. MVST, TRIT (this one in deep trouble) and SDC. Total $14,500 spent.

Have a great weekend!!!

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