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Weekly Summary ending 19 November 2021

Monday began with selling Covered Call for 300 shares of OCGN I got assigned last week. At SP 9,11 and 11.5.

Opened BPS for TSLA as usual. 5 pairs.

Closed CRTX BPS for slight losses and OCGN BPS for a decent profit.

Tuesday - Began selling put (monthly) for December. SDC x10 contracts.

Closed PPBT put for Nov 19. Do not wish to get assigned. Managed to exit with 200+ profit.

Closed CCXI PMCC for a good profit over 800+ and Started Leap call positions for AVPT.

TTCF came crashing down on Tuesday. So went all and took up 30 pairs of BPS on them. In the end they expired worthless. All is well.

Wednesday - Sold put for TRIT (monthly) for December. 7 contracts. They are awaiting some news and I believe the news will be kind for them.

Thursday - NVDA earnings reported and bulls are back for them. Closed TSLA BPS to create OBP for NVDA BCS that expire next Friday. Entered early as next Thursday is Thanksgiving and Friday market only opens for half a day.

Closed PMCC for PTRA for a good profit of 200+.

Friday - Sold Puts for SDC that expire next Friday. SP 3.5.

Did various CC for stocks I owned. SDC and NNDM.

Was trying to do CC for MVST and realised selling MVST shares and Selling Put give me better premium overall. Went ahead with the plan.

Saturday - Got assigned for SDC and HNST.

Next week will focus on sell more CC for all my holdings.


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