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Weekly Summary ending 21 January 2022

Realised I didn't post weekly summary for previous week ending 14 Jan. So I'll just do a quick update here.

For Week ending 14 Jan, Main profit came from TSLA iron condor. Closed TSLA BPS 960/940P early for a loss.

Entered Citigroup, C, BCS on pre earning run up. Price dip after earnings but it wasn't low enough for me to profit. Negative 49USD for C trade. Enter LC for TSLA at 2475SP as well.

Overall Profit $297 for the week.

Monday - Market Closed

Tuesday - Entered 1000/995P BPS or next week. Just a small side punt for after earnings to close above 1000 by next Friday.

Thursday - Entered 3 contacts 860/850P BPS. This is the real deal.

Friday - Closed my TSLA BPS for the week and entered BPS at various points. 820/810P, 790/780P.

Entered an itchy finger trade, trying to use 50USD to get 450USD. Failed. 1000/995P, 0DTE. Hoping for TSLA to close above 1000 by end of trading day. When I entered, TSLA was around 955. Was hoping for a market turn around and short covering. Didn't materialize. In fact, market got worse. Lost about 200 USD on that.

The 200 USD lost reduced overall gain for the week to 99USD.

Next week TSLA earnings. We know it will be good, but how will the market respond?

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