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Weekly Summary ending 23 December 2021

Monday - A very Red Day, Decided to postpone all my monthly CC till later on. Took opportunity of the very red day to enter more TSLA BPS for a decent premium 780/760P.

Tuesday - Things became better and most of the stocks were green. Sold CC for WISH, CLOV, SKLZ, PPBT, CRSR, MVST, HNST, SDC, HOOD, TRIT. I sold CC mainly at the price I got assigned. Do no wish to lower the SP for better premium at this point as I believe small caps might do a U turn. When the U turn comes, things move fast.

In early market trading, TSLA was still quite red. Had to enter BPS for next week at 750/740P. And I added 2 x TSLA stock just for some quick bucks at 893. Closed before the market ended at 932. $77 made in the process. On hindsight should have hold it a few more days. But that's not the intention. The cash was supposed to be reserved for SKLZ x2 Put at SP 7.5. Collected $96 premium for that as well.

Thursday - QLGN up 30% and more, decided to sell CC for the 600 shares I got. Collected $115.76.

Overall another good week for Vertical Spread for TSLA. Everything expired worthless and $420 secured. Next week premium for TSLA BPS will not be good. The Bulls are all out. And I got roasted for selling naked call in my previous post.

Have a great weekend!!!

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