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Weekly Summary ending 28 January 2022

Tuesday - SDC gapped on upgrade with target price of $3. Sold CC for at SP 3.5 and SP 4 DTE 18 Feb

Thursday - Tesla went down despite good earnings as wall street was not happy with Elon emphasis on robots. Sold BPS at 940/935 DTE Friday in the hope of a quick bounce above 940. Using $102 to try and get $898. Did not materialize. Tesla closed at 829 for the day.

Friday - A big day with a lot rolling to do. I had a few pairs running concurrently. 860/850P, 820/810P and 790/780/770P. I had to roll all of them as its too close to call.

Decided to enter a quick punt, hoping for short covering before the weekend. Sold BPS 865/860P with 0 DTE. There was some covering at the end but it fell short, After hours closed at 852. Short of 13 points. Else its $185 to win $3315.

860/850P - Rolled out to 920/910P - 11 March

Even if TSLA is above 920 by 11 March, it will still be a net loss of $406 for these 3 pairs of 860/850P entry. (This was a jumped the gun entry, lesson learnt)

820/810P - Rolled out to 820/810P and 780/790P for next week.

5 pairs each at respective SP. Might need to roll these pairs if its too close to call again.

790/780/770P - Rolled out to 690/680 SP for next week. These will be the safest pair next week, with probability TSLA above 690 very high.

Even if all the scenarios play out successfully, the overall net gain is only $318. This was due excessive amount of $598 lost while going for the big wins.

Hope TSLA can bounce back above 900 next week. They have the potential. Nasdaq needs to bounce as well.

This week was really trying to save my TSLA BPS. Lots of experience points gained. IV of TSLA dropped after earnings. This level is really good for people to load up TSLA shares or calls.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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