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Weekly Summary ending 29 October 2021

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

A very good week on 3 Fronts. BPS (yellow) for Google and Facebook both did well. Options all expired worthless and I retained all the premiums collected.

Opened a new Poor man covered call (green) for Robinhood, HOOD. Did that when Robinhood was around 35.2.

Decided to try weekly wheel (orange) on Ocugen. I usually do monthly. But with some spare option buying power (OBP), I decided to go weekly. When its 80%+ profit for Ocugen, I closed it instead of waiting for it to expiry. I wanted to regain some OBP to enter PMCC for HOOD.

Entered weekly wheel for IRNT (for coming week) on Friday. As my OBS is stable and GOOG and FB will expiry worthless.

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