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Weekly Summary ending 3 December 2021

Monday - Started the week by selling call for WISH and CLOV, which I have 1100 and 300 shares respectively.

Closed my SPY BPS after realising I entered the wrong expiry date. It should be this 3 Dec instead of 6 Dec. Managed to avoid any losses though.

Tuesday - Sold Put for IMGN (trending) biotech company. Stock rises on good news and I sold put at SP 4, which was the price before the pop.

Bought QLGN and VGFC stocks on weakness. No strength in market means good opportunity to load up on weakness.

Wednesday - Open BPS for TSLA 960/900P (before market "meltdown") Things were rosy before I slept. All Green. After I woke up, all Red..

Thursday - No trade

Friday - Bought more QLGN. Load up the boat.

Closed all TSLA BPS for the week. And opened new TSLA BPS for next week. 800/780P and 790/780P.

Rolled SDC 2 weeks out, to avoid assignment.

Overall another great week for vertical spread. Small caps continue to move downwards. Next week CC will have to adjust accordingly.

Have a Great weekend

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