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Weekly Summary ending 7 January 2022

Monday - Began the week as usual selling BPS and BCS to form iron condor for more premiums. As long as TSLA keep within 985 and 1390, I'll take all premiums.

Sold BABA PMCC at SP 129 for the week

Tuesday - Went against usual plan and sold BPS on TSLA for next week. Usually I'll do this action on Friday or next Monday. SP of 960 seems good on Tuesday.

Thursday - As Baba Pops, decided to roll CC till next week at higher SP of 138.

Friday - Woke up at 3am on Friday to check on TSLA if its too close to call. Although its unlikely to go lower than my SP of 985, But I still closed assuming I'll be profitable for the week for vertical spread. Apparently I was wrong. I'm supposed to profit $481 for the week, but I closed early and paid $520. So its a negative net loss of $39 for TSLA vertical spread. Guess I'm not very sober at 3am. I estimated an overall net positive $200 + for vertical spread.

Upon closure of all VS for this week, I got the margin back and entered TSLA BPS for next week for TSLA not to breach 850.

I closed Baba LC and PMCC positions for a neat profit of $592.

With more margin available, I added more BPS for TSLA at SP 830.

Not the best of week with calculation blunder for my TSLA VS. But the damage is small. Next week will be key as my early entry of BPS at 960 is currently in the red. Will need a good green day by TSLA for me to close that position with a slight loss and shift the BPS level down under 900 region.

Have a great weekend!!!

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